Vendange Partners develop thought-provoking insight and recommendations that deliver measurable, high-impact and phased, strategic road maps that can be deployed based on a client’s unique needs, capabilities and resources.

We establish a relationship with clients not only to clearly articulate the analysis and strategy, but also to guide them through actions and implementation. We take pride in helping clients not only meet expectations, but also exceed them, and we take the correlation between our clients’ success and our success very seriously.

We offer engagements in a myriad of topical areas.

Business Review

A business review helps clients identify value creation opportunities. We have established a highly effective methodology for evaluating opportunities to improve return on investment, assess the organization’s capacity to deliver these opportunities and identify additional capabilities that might be necessary to fully realize proposed benefits.

The business review includes a thorough review of the technology, product, market and industry analysis in a structured process. The structured process includes the following process:

  • Strategy design

    A strategy design helps clients create strategies and associated actions in support of their strategic goals and key performance indicators. Several different techniques and approaches are used — from data-driven product and marketing methodologies to technical operational optimization and expert design practices.

  • Strategy review

    Consulting is an ongoing element to ensure that your customer decisions continue to add value to your business. A strategy review helps clients continue to realize value by improving and refining existing decision strategies.

  • Operational Assessment

    We work with clients to conduct both operational and analytic assessments of current business and product strategy effectiveness that include analysis, validation, and strategy analysis to derive specific recommendations based on changes in business, economic or market conditions.

Core Service Categories

Strategic Services

Provide advice and guidance on strategic options and planning. Review options for collaboration, acquisition, industry consortia. Offer access to "smart" sources of capital.

Market Services

Develop marketing plans to launch and position products for success. We assist in defining targets, niches, manage go-to-market process and the solution playbook for sales success.

Technology Services

Conduct detailed technology viability and deliver long term directions of technology issues. Additional focus on emerging, disruptive technologies and opportunities for exploitation.

Support Services

Enable key process, methodology and SLA for all support services. In addition, audit and review current processes, operation, and provide improvement recommendations.

Product Services

Provide analysis and guidance for key decisions in technology innovation, and transforming raw technology into "complete" products. Advise and train product teams to deliver market success.

Organizational Services

Advise and nurture on organizational structure and team development crucial for attracting capital, and performance excellence.

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